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There are a number of things that can go wrong in life. Maybe you were in an accident and are now wondering how you are going to pay the bills that are piling up. Perhaps you have been charged with a crime, such as driving under the influence. You may be innocent, and wondering what steps to take next. You may have just made a mistake, and are now concerned you will have to pay for it for the rest of your life.

Right Path Law is a criminal law firm in Fairfax, Virginia that strives to provide high-quality legal services to clients who live in the following cities and counties in Northern Virginia: City of Alexandria, Arlington County, Fairfax City, Fairfax County, City of Falls Church, Loudoun County, and Prince William County.

With this multi-disciplinary legal expertise, Right Path Law offers representation for clients with many legal needs including personal injury, reckless driving, drunk driving, theft, assault, sex crimes, gun offenses, drug charges, domestic violence, robbery, burglary, fraud, among others.

For a law firm that's focused on you and committed to your wellbeing, contact Right Path Law in Fairfax, Virginia. Our lawyers provide a wide range of legal services for businesses and individuals, emphasizing negotiation and mediation when possible. If litigation is necessary, our qualified legal team has the experience to guide you through each step of the process.

Your right path is our guiding principle.

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    15 Years of Experience

    Pierre Prialé is a member of the Virginia Bar and is licensed to practice law throughout the state. He has been practicing law for over ten years – all of those years as a criminal defense attorney and a personal injury specialist.

    He attended George Mason University and obtained his undergraduate degree. And his law school degree from Catholic University of America’s Columbus School of Law, which has a strong record of graduating many big-name senators, judges, lawyers, and business people.

    Over the years, he has handled about 2,000 traffic and criminal cases, both as a public defender and private attorney. He has defended all types of criminal cases from felonies, misdemeanors, DUI, juvenile, sex crimes, gun charges, and many others. He also has experience in Personal Injury cases, attending successful cases that involve motor vehicle accidents.

    He’s the author of “¿Cómo comprar Seguros de Autos en Virginia?”, an ebook where he provides information about the importance to get the best coverage for your vehicle in Virginia. And the target audience for this content is the Latino Community in the State of Virginia.

    Pierre’s finds fulfillment in giving his clients real hope during difficult and desperate situations, especially when their freedom is at stake. Helping others is not just a job for him; it is his life mission.

    Priale arrived in the USA from Peru in his Middle School years. He settled in Annandale with his family and ever since he has been an active member of the Northern Virginia community.

    Attorney Priale is a person you can trust. You can be sure that he’ll always give his best in all his cases, whether they are in Criminal Law or Personal Injury practice.


    Our Practice Area

    Criminal Defense

    With nearly 25 years of criminal defense experience, the criminal defense lawyers at Right Path Law have helped thousands of people just like you. We will look into every aspect of your case—including the facts, witness statements, police reports and witness testimony—in order to build a solid defense. With us on your side, we give you the best opportunity for success.

    Personal Injury

    We have years of experience working with accident victims and their families. We will help you by providing a free consultation and reviewing your incident report. Together, we can determine what caused your accident, who was at fault and how to collect the compensation you deserve.

    Driving Crimes

    At Right Path Law, we are among the most trusted Virginia DUI/Reckless Driving attorneys because we understand the process involved in securing a defense for a DUI or Reckless Driving charge. This includes knowledge and experience of the courts and local laws to help you with your case. We are ready to provide you with a strong defense against your charge, and we can also help you take action to mitigate the charges against you and protect your driving privileges.

    Drug Crimes

    When you have been charged with drug-related crimes, you need a lawyer who will use every resource at their disposal to defend you. At Right Path Law, we are focused on building the strongest defense for your case by focusing on facts of your case and working with criminal law experts to ensure that the evidence against you is rock solid. Our Virginia drug crimes lawyers have the skills, experience, and resources to help you protect your freedom while preserving your reputation.

    Violent Crimes

    Violent crimes are some of the most serious crimes in the penal system. Judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement officials have no tolerance for violent crime offenders in society. So when a person is arrested for committing violent acts against other people, he or she will face harsh prosecution. If you have been arrested for committing a violent crime, the best way to protect yourself from aggressive state or federal prosecutors is to hire an equally aggressive criminal defense attorney. An experienced Virginia violent crimes attorney like Pierre Prialé can protect your rights and freedom, and fight aggressively against the state's charges and allegations.

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