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It is not easy to find a wiggle room in Virginia DUI laws. You still have the right to hire DUI lawyers in Fairfax, VA to defend and represent yourself in court.

At Right Path Law Group, you can gain leverage out of our 

  • 15 years of combined legal experience 
  • Evidence-based defense strategy 
  • Passionate and professional approach
  • Free and personalized  consultation 
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Defending DUI in Virginia for 15+ Years 

There is hope.

Right Path Law Group understands mistakes happen, sometimes by the finest of drivers. Charged with a DUI first-time, a repeat offender, or something worst? Our DUI lawyers in Fairfax, VA are there to help you.

Qualified, skilled, and experienced, our legal team does everything in its capacity to end your legal trouble with the law enforcement agency. Our successful track record speaks for itself. 

  • We Defend You: We believe every Virginia resident deserves a chance at a fair trial. Our DUI lawyers in Fairfax will put up a strong defense to win the jury’s trust. 
  • We Educate You: We know DUI laws inside out and ensure that no one is wrongly charged in Virginia. Learn about DUI laws so that the best course of action is taken. 
  • We Plead Leniency: We try out level best to reduce the punishment, including a fine, jail sentence, DL suspension,  criminal record, and an interlock ignition device.

What if Charged with 1st  DUI in Fairfax, VA

A 1st DUI is considered a Class 1 misdemeanor offense. If convicted, you are likely to face

  • Court fines (upto $2,500) 
  • 1-year license suspension 
  • Likely prison time 
  • Possible enrolment in the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program (VASAP) and more

What if Charged with 2nd  DUI in Fairfax, VA

A 2nd DUI is also considered a Class 1 misdemeanor offense. If convicted, you are likely to face

  • Court fines (upto $2,500) 
  • Indefinite license revocation
  • 1-year license suspension 
  • Mandatory prison time of upto 1 year if in less than 5 years of 1st DUI 
  • Possible enrolment in the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program (VASAP) 
  • Ignition interlock device and more

What if Charged with 3rd  DUI in Fairfax, VA

A 3rd and subsequent DUI is considered class 6 FELONY. If convicted, you are likely to face

  • Court fines ($1000 to $2,500  )
  • Felony charge
  • Indefinite license revocation
  • Mandatory jail time: Minimum 6-month prison time if within 5 years of 2nd DUI; minimum 3-month prison time if within 10 years of
  • Compulsory enrolment in the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program (VASAP)
  • Ignition interlock device and more

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What if Caught with Elevated Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) while driving in Fairfax, VA

The amount of alcohol content found in your blood while driving in Virginia is crucial in deciding the punishment.

If the BAC level records .15% or higher, you’re likely to be

  • Sentenced for min 5 days ( mandatory) 
  • Sentenced for min 10 extra days if 2nd DUI is committed within 10 years of 1st DUI

If the BAC level records .20% or higher, you’re likely to be

  • Sentenced for min 10 extra days 
  • Sentenced for min 20 extra days and a $500 fine

  • PLEA BARGAIN: Not every case goes into a judicial trial. If you’re guilty and the defense is weak, Right Path Law Group recommends a plea bargain that is in the best interest of the defendant. Our experienced DUI lawyers in Fairfax, VA will try to convince the prosecution  of leniency. It may include dropping some charges and reduced punishments.
  • PLEAD GUILTY: If the defendant accepts DUI charges, our legal team will collect evidence and prepare a compelling case to convince the jury of the lesser punishment. Despite the odds, we will not back down and ensure the defendant gets the best chance of a fair trial in court. You have our back till the end.
  • NO CONTEST: If the defendant neither admits nor denies DUI charges, it is considered silent submission to the judicial punishment.  It also means there is not enough evidence to win the case. We do not recommend a ‘no contest’ plea. Our lawyers will encourage the defendant to put up a fight even if the chances of winning are low.


Life is precious for everyone. While every individual has a right to choose for themselves, DUI convictions can affect not just the victim but his or her family too.

Right Path Law Group, as seasoned DUI lawyers in Fairfax, VA, can help you make a favorable decision after weighing all legal options. We are not new to DUI and know how to maneuver a favorable judgment. 

From collecting evidence, and recording witnesses to legal representation, you can leave everything to our legal team.   Speak to one of our representatives and gain your lost confidence in life.

Schedule a free and confidential consultation at 703-637-9999 Submit your request and our team will get back to you in no time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if the driver happens to be a minor?

A: If the driver happens to be a minor, DUI laws take the matter into all serious consideration as with an adult drunk driver. It also necessitates the defendant to hire a Fairfax DUI lawyer to represent the case.

For the uninitiated, minors are not allowed to purchase or possess alcohol, let alone drive under its influence. The possibility of leniency though is not denied, Virginia’s DUI laws are stricter than many other states.

If you wish the best for your child, it’s best to consult dependable DUI lawyers near you. Or you can simply call 703-637-9999 and have the best people for the job.

Q: How long does a DUI stay on my DMV record?

A: A DUI gets you six demerit points on your driving record with the DMV. Repeat DUIs thus will add up to a lot of demerits that stay active for two years.  Whereas DUI arrests or convictions are a different ball game and will appear in your driving record for 11 years.

Q: Is there any difference between a DWI and a DUI in Virginia?

A: No. DUI stands for driving under the influence, and DWI stands for driving while intoxicated.  Some states consider DUI and DWI different, but Virginia doesn’t.

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