Did you know that in Virginia it is legal not to have auto insurance?

Mar 27, 2023 | Pierre Prialé
Did you know that in Virginia it is legal not to have auto insurance?

In Virginia, you don't have to have auto insurance if you don't want to. Crazy, right? This is just one of the many things Virginia law allows people to do without having to worry about getting in trouble. Below we'll learn a little bit about what it's all about. 

That's right, as crazy as it sounds, in the state of Virginia it is legal to register your car as uninsured at a DMV office. Not only that, under current insurance laws, it is also possible for a Virginia resident to drive their car out of state without being insured.

Keep in mind that if you want to drive a car without insurance, you must pay $500 to the DMV in addition to the normal registration fees. And you might think that since it's so cheap and legal, it's a good option and yes, initially it might cost less to drive without insurance, but it's a risk not worth taking.

Other higher costs will be lurking around the corner. If you pay the Uninsured Motorist fee and then have an accident where you are determined to be at fault, you will have to pay all damages directly out of pocket. Generally, these accidents represent very high costs, which could leave you in a very difficult financial situation.

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Likewise, if you are at fault for causing the accident, you will not be able to recover damages. Now you know, even though it is legal in Virginia to drive without insurance, and even though it may seem like a financially attractive option, remember that saving money may turn out to be the biggest mistake you ever make.

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