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Reckless driving in Virginia is a criminal offense. Build a strong defense by consulting reckless driving lawyers in Fairfax and have a chance at a good life. 

At Right Path Law Group, you can gain leverage of our

  • Over a decade of criminal defense experience 
  • Relentless pursuit to fight for you 
  • Evidence-driven defense approach 
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Will Reckless Driving Drive Me to Prison in Virginia?

Fairfax Lawyers to Your Rescue. 

Reckless driving should never be confused with a traffic offense. In reality, it is classified as a Class I misdemeanor in Virginia. Right Path Law Group goes above and beyond to get you a fair trial.

We are seasoned lawyers in reckless driving in Fairfax.We possess the legal knowledge and expertise to fight and resolve prosecution charges in Virginia.  It may take a while but we never leave our clients hopeless.

Rescue from A Possible Prison time

Reckless driving is a serious charge. We will try our level best to reduce the punishment,  including a fine of upto $2,500 and a prison time of upto 1 year.

Secure Your Future

Reckless driving charges could derail your life with a criminal record lasting a lifetime and may even crash your dreams of a good life. Count on us and get life on track.

Restore Faith in the Judiciary

We are fair and honest but capable to outdo spurious tricks of the prosecution. Have faith in our Fairfax reckless driving lawyers that will never let you be wronged.

When is Reckless Driving in Virginia?

You simply can’t do away with a criminal charge like reckless driving in Virginia.  It is that grave.

Any person behind the wheel is charged with reckless driving if he or she 

  • Drives at a speed more than the permissible limit  
  • Endangers physical damage to anyone’s life or property

That’s more to it wherein the enforcement agency will charge you if found

  • Driving unusually fast for highway and traffic conditions.
  • Failure to yield the right-of-way
  • Faulty brakes 
  • Drag racing 
  • Passing two vehicles abreast
  • Driving two abreast in a single lane
  • Passing at a railroad grade crossing
  • Passing a stopped school bus
  • Reckless driving in parking, etc
  • Failure to give turning signals

It is in your best interest to have a reckless driving lawyer in Fairfax by your side who can fight the accusations in court.

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What if Charged with Reckless Driving in Fairfax, VA

It is natural to feel doomed but do not forget the wide latitude of the reckless driving laws in Virginia. 

At Right Path Law Group, we aim to reduce the charges against you or drop them altogether.

Possible punishments for reckless driving in VA:

  • A fine of up to $2,500 
  • Up to 12 months in jail 
  • Felony reckless driving ( at least a year of jail and a fine of $2,500)
  • License suspension 
  • Mandatory enrolment in the alcohol safety program
  • Increased vehicle insurance 
  • Criminal record

Hire our Fairfax reckless driving lawyers who ensure that criminal conviction does not follow you forever.

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What if Reckless Driving Was a Genuine Mistake? 

As much as you say it was a mistake, the laws stand firm on the ground and you will still be charged with reckless driving in Virginia.

Right Path Law Group investigates the case and works on a possible course of action to get the jury to doubt the alleged charges.

Some of the situations that may weaken the prosecution are 

  • Clean driving record 
  • Speedometer malfunction 
  • Medical emergency 
  • Evading a fatal accident due to someone else’s negligence 

We fight hook, line, and sinker to protect your rights and freedoms with the least damage caused to your life.

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It is better to know the truth rather than live with false hopes. Find out where reckless driving would lead your life and what could be done to reroute and regain control over your life.

Case Preparation

As your defending reckless driving lawyers in Fairfax, we collect all the evidence, record witness statements, and prepare documents to strengthen your case.

We are committed to presenting your case in court. From legal strategizing to combating prosecution in court, leave everything to our legal team in Fairfax.


We are good listeners as much as we are eloquent speakers. Do not hold anything back and share the facts and fears. We maintain 100% client confidentiality.


Reckless driving can be life-changing, especially if you end up causing harm to others. You have to be lucky to get away without any harsh punishment. In most reckless driving cases, law enforcement officers will pull you down and a lawyer would become a need rather than a choice.

Right Path Law Group provides effective and efficient legal counsel to those charged with reckless driving in Fairfax, VA. We will examine and prepare a strong defense for your case to get an optimal outcome.  

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