What Makes a Case of Dangerous or Reckless Driving Become Improper Driving?

Jun 10, 2022 | Pierre Prialé
What Makes a Case of Dangerous or Reckless Driving Become Improper Driving?

To put ourselves in context, to be accused of reckless driving is to be accused of driving in an unsafe manner, endangering the life or property of any person, and one of the most common ways in which we are accused of this crime is driving too fast and not respecting the established speed limits.

Reckless driving cases are more common than usual, so we must be prepared for any situation that may arise, with the right lawyer we can mitigate the situation.

Cases of reckless driving in Fairfax, Virginia can be mitigated and treated as minor infractions.


We call one of these minor infractions "reckless driving". But what makes a dangerous or reckless driving case become reckless driving? Simple, the level of fault of the driver. When the level of fault is minimal the judge may reduce the case to improper driving.


If we can get our attorney to direct the case to a lesser offense, improper driving would be the best-case scenario, since, unlike reckless driving, improper driving is a traffic infraction that disappears from the driver's record after a few years. Improper driving results in 3 negative points on your license, so it is considered a victory compared to the 6 points that a minor reckless driving offense would entail, and reckless driving cases are permanently recorded on the driver's record.


Being charged with reckless driving can lead to problems in the future, with job possibilities, as it makes it difficult to find a job as in the case of drivers, or more severe punishments in case of future violations of the law. It is important to keep in mind that the driver's level of guilt is not the only thing that matters in mitigating the reckless driving case:

  • The disposition of the judge
  • The way you treated the responsible officer.
  • The way your attorney presented the case.

All of these are important factors in making the transition from reckless driving to improper driving happen. The best action you can take after being stopped by an officer and charged with reckless driving is to choose an attorney experienced in such cases, and we at Right Path Law Group at Law have the experience to defend you.

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